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Despite the best hygiene practices, sometimes losing a tooth or teeth is inevitable. With all the advances in denture options, you don’t have to give up enjoying a good meal or feeling good about yourself. Chapin Densmore, DDS in Kirkland, Washington has been helping patients find the best denture solutions for many years and is ready to help you. Book your next appointment online or call today.

Dentures Q & A

Are there different kinds of dentures?

Although all dentures are customized just for you, there are different types based on how many remaining healthy teeth you have.

Partial dentures

If you have one or more teeth in your lower or upper jaw, Dr. Densmore will fit you for partial dentures.

Partial dentures are mounted on a metal frame that connects to your remaining natural teeth. Sometimes crowns placed on the healthy teeth anchor a partial denture. In other cases, bridges are used to connect the artificial and natural teeth.

Full dentures

When all of your teeth are gone or have been extracted, Dr. Densmore will create a full or complete denture. There are two types of complete dentures that vary only by when you get them. They are called immediate or conventional dentures.

Can I have my dentures the same day that I have my teeth pulled?

Yes, this type of denture is called an immediate denture. Immediate dentures are created from impressions that are made prior to your actual teeth extractions. This option saves you the trouble of getting temporary dentures or no dentures at all during the 8 to 12 weeks while your gums and jawbone are healing. However, the downside is there may be fit issues that require numerous adjustments since your bones and gums shrink as they heal. Dr. Densmore works with you to figure out which denture options are best suited for you.

Once I get them, how do I take care of my dentures?

Although dentures won’t last forever, Dr. Densmore recommends proper care to greatly extend the life of your dentures. 

Denture care tips include:

  • Soaking your dentures in a denture cleanser or in plain water to prevent them from drying out and to keep their shape
  • Brushing your dentures at least once a day
  • Removing and rinsing dentures after meals
  • Scheduling regular dental checkups to check on fit and for a professional cleaning

If your dentures crack, get chipped, or start to loosen, come in to see Dr. Densmore. Do not try to fix the issue yourself as you may make matters worse.

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